Minerva Dairy announced it is expanding operations to meet customer demands and rewarding farms for their commitment to producing high quality milk produced by pasture-raised cows.

"Our customers demand sourcing sustainable food which is a commitment to finding ingredients raised with respect for animals, the environment and the farms. In order to meet their goals, they support sustainable family farms who respect the land and animals they care for," the company said. "Our customers are striving to use as many local products and ingredients as they can. Pasture-raised dairy products are in high demand, and Minerva Dairy is answering the call."

Minerva Dairy and their partnered dairy farmers are honored to be sought out as a premium food source. “I am incredibly proud of the values Minerva Dairy and our Minerva Dairy farming partners commitment to a higher premium product. This is a great partnership that kicks off continued growth for the local area. Partnering with organizations that value food made and sourced locally with attention to quality and growth benefits our community," said Venae Watts, fifth-generation Minerva Dairy owner.

The pasture-based farming that dairy farms utilize when shipping milk to Minerva Dairy is what brought the relationships together. The new partnerships’ commitment to food aligns with pasture-raised farming and buying locally. Minerva Dairy is on track to provide 10-plus million pounds of cheese the first year and seeking new farms and expansion of existing farms to sustain growth estimated for subsequent years.