Julian Stauffer

Julian Stauffer, CEO of Waldner North America and Surdry North America, joins us for Episode 29 of the “Let’s Talk Dairy” podcast. Waldner is a German manufacturer of highly automated packaging machinery, while Surdry is a Spanish manufacturer of food retort sterilization systems.

Stauffer received his bachelor’s of science in engineering from the University of Michigan and his master’s in business administration from SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy.

The previous 10 years of Stauffer’s career were with packaging technologies and inspection, where he developed his knowledge of the packaging industry and established key relationships with industry partners and their North American customers. His experience in high-risk, shelf-stable food and pet food packaging applications has helped to foster a depth of knowledge in implementing robust and reliable production lines operating at superb overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) levels in new or existing manufacturing facilities.

In this podcast, Stauffer discusses:

  • Today’s main trends regarding sustainability in the food industry.
  • The main challenges of achieving sustainability as it involves packaging.
  • Upcoming changes expected for the dairy packaging industry.
  • How much of a role packaging material plays in overall sustainability.
  • How a company can transition to sustainable production without causing roadblocks in meeting customer demand.

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