Lawson's Finest Liquids announced that Adeline Druart, former president of Vermont Creamery, will join the brewery’s executive leadership as CEO.

Sean and Karen Lawson, who founded Lawson’s Finest Liquids in 2008 and have grown the presence of the Vermont brewery’s flagship brews including Sip of Sunshine to distribution in nine states across the Northeast, will maintain positions as stewards of the brand.

Druart led the successful transition of the company from founder-owned to Fortune 250 company Land O’Lakes in 2017, as a result of years of effective strategic growth. She continued to drive unprecedented sales and brand awareness for Vermont Creamery as president while serving as vice president and corporate officer of the farmer-owned cooperative in Land O'Lakes’ Dairy Foods Division until February 2023. Druart currently serves as board member of the nonprofit business association Vermont Business for Social Responsibility and joined Let’s Grow Kids CEO Think Tank in 2020.

“Adeline’s 20 success-filled years of CPG leadership qualify her, but her enthusiasm for leading with purpose is what makes her the right fit for the team,” said Karen Lawson. “She’s uniquely capable of creating a company culture that cultivates community, protects the planet and takes pride in producing a delicious, quality product.” 

Druart’s unexpected path to CEO of Lawson’s Finest goes back to 2002, when she traveled from France to the U.S. for the first time for a two-month cheesemaking internship as part of her Master in Biotechnology degree. She returned to Vermont Creamery as operations manager upon graduating and served a 19-year tenure with the beloved dairy company.

“Beer and cheese have so much in common, with vibrant culture, quality products, and room in the industry to grow,” said Druart. “The culture Sean and Karen have fostered and the lasting social and environmental impact they have made is truly remarkable. As a maker at heart and a fierce believer in using business for good, Lawson’s Finest is a company I admire. I am so fortunate to join the team.”

"As Karen and I take a step back from the day to day, we’re reengaging our focus on the long-term vision we set out with in 2008 – to make the finest beers possible, to keep it fresh and authentic, to focus on community, and ultimately, to take good care and be a force for good in the world,” said Sean Lawson.