FrieslandCampina Ingredients launched of Biotis Fermentis, which combines the benefits of whey protein, prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides (Biotis GOS) and probiotic cultures by fermenting them together, creating a unique formulation that supports both athletic performance and holistic health, the company says.

Designed to support gut health in athletes and active consumers by modulating the gut microbiota composition, Biotis Fermentis is a new ingredient solution that enables brands to create truly holistic performance and active nutrition solutions, such as protein powders and shakes, that provide multiple proven health benefits, including improved gut health and muscle support, as well as perceived improvements to physical well-being, including mood and energy levels. 

“Until now, gut health and performance nutrition have largely been targeted as separate issues. But things often work better when they work together. That’s why we’ve focused on creating one synergistic solution to help athletes improve their performance and overall well-being," said Vicky Davies, global senior marketing director, Performance and Active Nutrition at FrieslandCampina. "Fermentation is a complex and ancient process that transforms foods to provide gut support. By leveraging the power of fermentation, we can enhance the properties of both whey, pre- and probiotics to create a new, multi-dimensional approach that unlocks unique benefits for gut and muscle health.”

“With Biotis Fermentis, we’ve taken our expertise in both proteins and prebiotics and combined it with FrieslandCampina’s fermentation knowledge," added Sophie Zillinger Molenaar, global marketing lead for Biotis at FrieslandCampina. "The result is the transformation of specialist ingredients into a first-of-its-kind performance nutrition solution that activates the gut-muscle axis. This is the cutting-edge of nutritional science and the research we’ve carried out demonstrates this new ingredient’s efficacy. The opportunity is clear, by boosting overall well-being through improved gut health, brands can help athletes and active consumers get the most out of life, always.”