FrieslandCampina - combiblocXSlim

FrieslandCampina Thailand is the first manufacturer to offer its products in 90 milliliter  portions in the new combiblocXSlim carton pack. - Photo courtesy of: SIG Combibloc

SIG Combibloc presents an innovation in the field of carton packs: combiblocXSlim. The new, extra-slim small-format carton pack comes in a total of seven volumes from 80 to 180 milliliters, all of which can be filled on the same filling machine from SIG Combibloc. And it is a ‘little sensation’ in the truest sense of the word, because carton packs in volumes of 80 and 90 milliliters are a world first. FrieslandCampina Thailand is the first manufacturer to offer its products in 90 milliliter portions in the new combiblocXSlim carton pack. The company’s ‘Omega’ brand premium dairy products are specially designed to provide children with healthy vitamins and minerals, and have been on sale in Thailand since August.

“As a globally expanding company, at SIG Combibloc we work to identify market trends at an early stage. This applies especially to developments in fast-growing regions such as Asia and the Middle East. Particularly in these markets, demand is growing in the food and beverage industry for small-size carton packs with volumes of 100 milliliters and below,” says Ralf Mosbacher, head of Global Product Management at SIG Combibloc. “With products in small-size carton packs like these, food manufacturers are able to match their products to consumers’ spending power in the respective markets, and respond very flexibly to market requirements.”

And the clear demand of consumers for greater convenience also favors the positive growth in the market for small-format carton packs out of which users can comfortably take a sip even when they are on the move − and the carton packs are also perfect for children’s little hands. In addition, having a range of small carton sizes makes it possible for food manufacturers to offer added-value products in quantities that are tailored precisely to the needs of their consumers.

With this in mind, SIG Combibloc, systems manufacturer of carton packs and filling machines for beverages and food, has developed the new combiblocXSlim carton pack. combiblocXSlim has a base area of just 47 x 32.5 mm, giving the carton pack an exceptionally slim look. combiblocXSlim comes in a total of seven different volumes: 80, 90, 100, 110, 125, 150 and 180 milliliters. All these volumes can be filled on the same SIG Combibloc filling machine. The little carton packs can be fitted with handy drinking straws with a large diameter of more than 7 mm, so that even drinks with a thick, creamy consistency can be conveniently consumed straight from the pack. Milk and dairy products and non-carbonated soft drinks can be packaged in combiblocXSlim.

“For food manufacturers, this means a high degree of flexibility. By opting for combiblocXSlim, manufacturers are choosing a completely new packaging solution which provides for differentiation on the supermarket shelf. And with the different volume options available, it offers plenty of scope for selecting the ideal packaging form for a given product,”  says Mosbacher.

At high speed: proven filling machine technology
The CFA 1224-36 filling machine for combiblocXSlim is based on the proven high-speed filling machine technology from SIG Combibloc, which is capable of filling up to 24,000 carton packs per hour. FrieslandCampina in Thailand has now become the first food manufacturer in the world to launch products in combiblocXSlim. The company, part of the multinational Royal FrieslandCampina group, specializes in the manufacture and sale of long-life dairy products, and has been a leading performer in Thailand for 45 years. The products of the long-established Royal FrieslandCampina group are sold in more than 100 countries. The most important regions are Europe, Asia and Africa. FrieslandCampina has more than 19,000 employees in 25 countries.

Mosbacher said, “combiblocXSlim is perfect, for instance, for packaging products for children. Packaged in carton packs, premium-quality foods and drinks are perfectly protected, and they can be offered in portion sizes that are tailored exactly to the needs of the relevant target group. Especially with the very small volumes of combiblocXSlim food companies could differentiate their products and offer new premium product concepts that come as one shot drinks.”