IFF announced the Europe, Middle East, Africa, Turkey and India launch of its new CREMODAN GREENPRO 101 Modulator Enhanced System, which is designed for ice cream manufacturers who seek to maintain the indulgent quality of their products in a cost-effective manner. The CREMODAN GREENPRO 101 offers a chance to cut recipe costs by up to 25 percent and reduces the carbon footprint of ingredients used in ice cream by up to 30 percent, the company states.

“Milk and fat are key to the indulgent taste and texture that drive ice cream sales,” said Stephane Dessart, global product marketing leader, IFF. “Our modulator-enhanced system is a direct response to manufacturers who want to continue making high-quality products at a more affordable price.” 

This new system is the first from IFF to combine an ice cream stabilizer system for optimum creaminess, mouthfeel and melting properties with an innovative flavor-modulating technology in one synergistic blend.  Designed for swift recipe reformulation and ease of use, the new system allows manufacturers to reduce the milk solids and fat content of ice cream without impacting its perceived indulgent quality.  

 A cradle to gate Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) show an up to 30 percent reduction in the carbon footprint of raw material ingredients used in manufacturing ice creams, stated IFF. As part of IFF’s Do More Good plan, IFF applies LCA to identify, document and further improve sustainable solutions that can help customers and partners achieve their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives such as reductions of GHG emissions and other environmental impacts. 

 “This is the core of the value proposition to manufacturers: that they can produce their products at a lower price, with reduced carbon footprint and still give consumers the same experience,” said Dessart. 

Photo courtesy of IFF.