Vinamilk announced that two of its products, Vinamilk Green Farm and Vinamilk 100% Organic, have been certified by Clean Label Project. According to the Vietnam-based company, it is the first milk products in the world to receive this certification. 

The Clean Label Project (CLP) is a United States-based non-profit organization conducting tests and evaluation of products with a series of strict criteria on residues of heavy metals, microplastics, as well as other harmful chemicals in products, which can affect consumers' health.

"To attain the CLP certification, Vinamilk Green Farm and 100% Organic Fresh Milk products had to undergo a rigorous process of screening and testing to ensure compliance with strict criteria for antibiotic residues, unwanted plastic compounds, heavy metals and pesticide residues. This certification demonstrates our commitment to product quality and transparency," said Nguyen Quoc Khanh, executive director of Vinamilk's research and development.

Vinamilk has made significant investments in all aspects of its value chain. It maintains a system of modern farms meeting international standards such as Global G.A.P. and Organic Europe, raising the bar of high-quality raw materials as well as building firm foundations for Vinamilk's innovative and safe product development. The company has also accelerated its adoption of renewable energies, turning by-products into resources to lower its environmental footprint.

"Following a strict process of testing and evaluation, the Clean Label Project was pleased to present the certification to brands whose products retain the purity of ingredients and utilize transparent labels. We greatly appreciate the efforts of businesses like Vinamilk in always pushing the boundaries for product superiority and satisfying consumers' need for high-quality products," commented Jackie Bowen, executive director of Clean Label Project.