Yoplait and Box Tops for Education are giving back to local communities and are committed to empowering the women that make schools a special place for students by donating a library renovation to the Dolores Huerta Elementary School in Lennox, Calif.

Yoplait and Box Tops for Education identified the school through the work of Principal Maria Castellanos, who is dedicated to ensuring that all students at the school have an opportunity to thrive, even through the challenges of online learning during the pandemic which caused many students to fall behind on reading. In close collaboration with the teachers and staff, including the school’s librarian, Megan Gomez-Green, Castellanos has provided her students with valuable learning habits.

“Our library is the heart of the school. The kids are excited, they want to find the right book, and they want to learn about different topics through reading. I’m excited that with this makeover, the kids will have access to a space that fosters the creativity and development that comes with reading,” said Castellanos. “As a woman myself, I want to make sure that I recognize the importance of being a Latina female leader in this world. I hope that the little girls can see a Latina principal and say, ‘she grew up on a similar street, in a similar home, and look where she’s at.’”

Yoplait and Box Tops for Education’s library makeover is providing Dolores Huerta Elementary School with a unique and colorful new space including a new amphitheater, reading corner and donated books from the librarian’s wish list.

“Yoplait is committed to celebrating and empowering the women that set up the future generations for success, and we also believe that investing in a child’s education with the tools they need is foundational,” shared Rachel Letsche, General Mills Brand Experience Assistant Manager. “Our partnership with Box Tops for Education is the perfect opportunity to help schools and communities get the necessary resources to grow and excel.”