Producing high quality dairy products is important, but can also be challenging. Having dependable test results and easy-to-use equipment keeps product quality on track and the entire plant operating smoothly.

When it comes to process control analysis, the most important parameters for optimizing production processes and controlling cost formulations are speed and accuracy. However, any time a system is versatile enough to test multiple product types, savings in training time, lab space, and user error are amplified. CEM understands these needs and works to make them part of every system manufactured. With over 40 years of experience and an install base of more than 70,000 systems around the world, backed by renowned applications support and customer service, CEM excels in understanding the technology and needs for successful process control.

The result? ORACLE™, a fat analyzer that requires no calibration, no method development, and is capable of analyzing any type of fat from 0.05% up to 100.0% with reference chemistry accuracy. It sounds impossible, but it’s just science. Couple it with a SMART 6™ direct moisture/solids analysis system and you have accurate moisture/solids and fat analysis in less than 3 minutes, allowing for rapid adjustments to the production line and savings to your bottom line. Add protein analysis with the Sprint® for a complete product profile.

Results you can count on: that’s our aim. Never before have analyzers been able to offer so much, with the ability to have direct, rapid testing and most accurate data for any sample type. CEM is changing the world of process and quality control.

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