By CEM Corp.

CEM FAST Trac AnalyzerCEM Corp., a leading global provider of innovative laboratory and quality control instrumentation is pleased to introduce a new system for rapidly determining fat and moisture in low-moisture samples. The FAST Trac Analyzer uses a patent-pending technique to provide fast, accurate results in products such as snack foods, dry pet food, dairy powders, and other dry ingredients. FAST Trac can be used in the QA/QC laboratory or at-line to help companies make ingredient adjustments, optimize their process, and maximize least cost formulation.

The FAST Trac is a 2nd generation NMR system featuring two new patent-pending capabilities: Interference-Free Moisture (IFM) Technology and QuikPrep. IFM Technology allows the system to accurately determine moisture over a broad fat content range, which previous NMR systems had not able to do. QuikPrep is a rapid sample conditioning feature that enables the FAST Trac to complete a test in only 2 minutes, making the system fast enough to compete with NIR for at-line use. More accurate than NIR, the system’s methods are also more robust and the results are not affected by changes in additives, color, or granularity. Easy-to-read results are displayed on the system’s touch screen at the end of the test, at which time the operator is informed whether or not the results were within specification for the sample type.

The FAST Trac does not require a trained chemist to perform the analysis. The system features an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen interface and methods can be created with only three samples. Methods transfer easily from unit-to-unit and site-to-site for dependable reproducibility. FAST Trac may also be used with CEM’s award-winning SMART Turbo System for moisture and fat analysis on both wet and dry samples.

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