Flavorchem, a global flavor and ingredient supplier, expanded its sensory capabilities for optimal flavor and new product development. The sensory program features a panel that has grown to over 55 qualified Flavorchem employees.

The 25,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility features a dedicated four-booth sensory room for formal blind and controlled testing. The custom-designed sensory space is equipped with professional sensory software, tablets, and a silent notification system. The room contains a Halo air purification system that eliminates outside aromas, allowing for high-quality sensory evaluations in a controlled environment.

“We know what it takes to make a product taste great. Our team of qualified panelists conduct sensory tests and flavor evaluations to ensure products exceed the highest taste standard,” said Samantha Filip, sensory scientist. “We have the expertise, experience, and in-house capabilities to take a brand’s vision from concept to completion by offering a range of testing services that meet their specific needs.”

  1. Discrimination Testing: evaluates the similarity and difference of two product
  2. Consumer Testing: provides a snapshot into the minds of consumers by obtaining panel feedback on how they will perceive the product
  3. Descriptive Testing: assesses flavor profile by panel of trained judges

“Our newly developed sensory offerings were designed to optimize the product development process, deliver purpose-driven results, and help our customers launch on-trend products that consumers will love,” noted, Niki Hernandez, R&D manager and senior flavorist. “Additional services include specified panelist training, focus groups, data analysis, online research, and custom survey design to highlight key product attributes.”