Kerry launched its Kerry Discovery Hub online learning center, intended to help aspiring and growth-oriented entrepreneurs learn about a variety of topics important to the food and beverage industry, as well as help their business grow.  

The portal is designed to provide the latest trend information to startups and entrepreneurs on topics ranging from plant-based innovations, consumer motivations and patterns, to integrating natural tastes and flavors, as well as functional ingredients, in their product formulations. 

Moving from a new product launch to initial success and then to the scale-up process is an exciting yet daunting task that tends to move rapidly, stated Kerry. The Kerry Discovery Hub is designed to provide no-cost, leading-edge learning resources that individuals in all areas of growing companies will find useful in their daily activities as they make innovation and expansion decisions.  

“Our Kerry Discovery Hub is designed to be a one-stop shop for leaders and product developers of fast-growth brands to quickly find quality information they can use to make decisions on scaling up and growing their food or beverage product development," Elizabeth Horvath, Kerry vice president of marketing, said. "Kerry has a wealth of knowledge in many different aspects of product design and development, and we’re making much of this available in one easy-to-access online library.” 

The online resource center will be something entrepreneurs will enjoy using over and over as we continue to add valuable reports and research to help guide them and speed their business growth in the months and years to come, Horvath added. "Our application development expertise is also at hand for customers whose team is ready to put this great information to use. All of the information needed to develop and scale up the types of winning products that can deliver on targeted sales and market potential will be right there in Kerry’s Discovery Hub. We are excited to partner with brands to develop the sustainable nutrition solutions that consumers are demanding.”