Vitalite is a new brand of plant-based, vegan-certified, dairy-free cheese from Saputo Dairy USA that offers great taste, texture, visual appeal and melting performance, stated the company.

“As demand for vegan cheese continues to grow, many consumers have been vocal about how difficult it has been to find a plant-based cheese that lives up to their expectations,” said David Cherrie, Saputo Dairy USA vice president, marketing and innovation. “As a dairy company, we are experts at making cheese people love and crave. Where other plant-based cheeses fall short, we saw an opportunity to use our expertise in the cheese category to create a delicious plant-based alternative.”

Vitalite plant-based cheeses are ingredients to add melty goodness to any meal, no matter anyone’s dietary preferences, said Laura Prepon, actress, director, cooking enthusiast, creator of the PrepOn Kitchen culinary line and Vitalite ambassador. Prepon is partnering with the Vitalite brand to showcase some of her favorite ways to incorporate plant-based cheese into family meals.

“I like to live a flexitarian lifestyle and it wouldn’t be possible without the right ingredients. That’s why Vitalite plant-based cheeses have become a staple in our home,” said Prepon. “I’ve also recently found out that my children have sensitivities to dairy, so we use Vitalite plant-based cheese for basics like grilled cheese and quesadillas or sprinkled on tacos, as well as in more in-depth recipes like my black bean and quinoa burgers stuffed with cheddar-style cheese. All of our expectations of yummy, melty cheesy goodness are met."

Vitalite is available in six varieties: Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Slices; Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Shreds; Plant-Based Cheddar Style Slices; Plant-Based Cheddar Style Shreds; Plant-Based Grated Parmesan Style; and Plant-Based Creamy Original Spread.

“People following a plant-based or flexitarian diet have limited options in the grocery store and many of those options lack appeal,” said Chef Nikki Trzeciak, Saputo executive chef and senior manager of culinary and sensory. “The idea for Vitalite came out of trying to solve that. We want home cooks to feel liberated in the kitchen and inspired to create traditional foods they have an emotional connection to without compromise.”