Organic Valley, La Farge, Wis., released pre- and postnatal support smoothie mixes to help pregnant and postpartum mothers meet their nutritional needs. 

The new smoothie mixes are made with organic ingredients, including pasture-raised milk from Organic Valley’s small family farms — and that means real dairy from cows that are raised without antibiotics, toxic pesticides or added hormones, the company says. The new Organic Valley smoothie mixes, when added to 8 fluid ounces of 2% milk, contain high-quality, organic nutrition and provide an excellent source of complete protein and several essential nutrients, it adds.

The prenatal support smoothie mix offers important nutrients for expecting moms, including omega-3 rich docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), folate and folate acid; the postnatal support smoothie mix provides new moms with DHA and fenugreek. 

“I feel confident recommending Organic Valley’s pre- and postnatal smoothie mixes because they are real food — not just a supplement — and can play a big role in supporting moms during an important time in their lives,” says Carly Knowles, dietitian and doula. “When you add them to Organic Valley milk, you can help ensure that you’re getting what you need to help stay healthy and thrive.”

Available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, the new smoothie mixes are shelf-stable and can be shaken, blended or mixed with Organic Valley 2% milk for a healthy bump in high-quality organic nutrition. And when moms purchase the mixes, they’re also supporting small organic family farms and a higher standard of animal care, the company says.

The new Organic Valley prenatal and postnatal support smoothie mixes are available in 10-ounce canisters (14 servings each) in stores nationwide and on Organic Valley’s newly launched direct-to-consumer site at for a suggested retail price of $19.98 to $21.99.