Andy Judd

Allison Schuman, chief business development officer of Schuman Cheese, joins us for Episode 13 of the “Let’s Talk Dairy” podcast. She talks about both current and emerging trends within the continually growing cheese segment.

Headquartered in Fairfield, N.J., Schuman Cheese recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. The family-owned company has earned a reputation for delivering world-class cheese solutions to customers around the globe.

Allison Schuman began her career at Schuman Cheese, working with valued international partners to bring European specialty cheese to the U.S. market. After working with many cheese companies around the world, she transitioned to a more sales-focused role as senior director of sales, managing the company’s largest customers and growing their business over 60% in five years.

In 2019, Allison Schuman became an integral part of the Whisps acquisition to Kainos Capital. As the senior vice president of sales for Whisps, she helped to grow sales from $64 million to over $100 million in gross revenue over two years. She returned to Schuman Cheese in May of 2021 to oversee the retail sales, marketing and innovation teams as chief business development officer.

In this episode, Allison Schuman discusses:

  • How Schuman Cheese stays on top of trends within the cheese segment.
  • The most significant current cheese trends and the drivers behind them.
  • The most promising emerging trends and their influencers.
  • Schuman Cheese’s unique approach to new cheese product development.

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