Family-owned Minerva Dairy, Minerva, Ohio, says it released two limited-edition flavors available exclusively through Goldbelly for nationwide shipping and at Kishman’s IGA, located a brief walk from the Minerva Dairy Creamery in Northeast Ohio.

According to the company, Everything Bagel butter, a savory blend of sea salt, minced onions and garlic, black and white sesame seeds, and poppy seeds, is a creamy, delicious reminder of breakfast. Lemon Poppy Seed butter, with a touch of lemon sweetness and the nutty flavor of poppy seeds, is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

“You just can’t seem to stop eating blueberry muffins when they’re made with our Lemon Poppy Seed butter,” says Minerva Dairy fifth-generation co-owner Venae Watts. “And for the Everything Bagel Butter, all I can say is: Lather that bird with Everything Bagel butter, and do not hold back! Chicken, turkey, or capon — I don’t think I ever want to eat a bird cooked any other way.”

By staying on top of consumer and flavor trends and keeping true to the family’s kitchen-table style of recipe development, Minerva Dairy says it is able to quickly innovate, adding limited-edition, small-batch releases to its beloved lineup of slow-churned, 85% butterfat premium butters.