Crave Brothers Farmstead, Waterloo, Wis., said it is looking to bring people together through its selection of farm-fresh cheese and gift boxes for the holidays.

According Crave Brothers, the Chocolate mascarpone pie kit is a gift, costing under $20, to send family and friends who may not be able to make it to the holiday dinner this year. With all key ingredients included in the kit, including fresh mascarpone cheese and a chocolate cookie pie crust, they can make it themselves and still feel part of the celebration.

Crave Brothers said its cheese sampler gift box is another crowd-pleaser, costing under $25. It comes with Wisconsin cheese classics, including cheddar curds and coils of Farmer’s Rope string cheese. It also comes with two containers of its signature Crave Brothers mascarpone and fresh marinated mozzarella balls.

Crave Brothers also is offering a mascarpone caramel sauce with candied pecans gift box for under $20. With a recipe card, two containers of Crave Brothers mascarpone and one jar of pecans from a retailer in Madison, Wis., it’s a great treat for bakers at every level, Crave Brothers said.