GEA Group says it made a series of important changes to its Sanicip bag filtration system for food and dairy spray dryers in a long-term development project that will provide valuable operational benefits to users of the new equipment. The new Sanicip II (patent pending) maintains and controls the pressure drop through the filtration bags more effectively by promoting longer production times and reducing clean-in-place intervals. In addition to other advances such as easier maintenance and better space utilization than its predecessor, bag life is now up to 50% longer. These developments add up to a more reliable operation, financial savings and a better working environment for operators.

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments says it introduced the AOC-6000 Plus multifunctional autosampler. The device improves GC/MS analysis productivity because operators can perform liquid sampling, headspace solid-phase microextraction injection and many more techniques in one device. It also features a tool-switching function that enables users to automatically swap all syringe tools for various injection methods. Automated sample adjustment also reduces operator input and contributes to analysis accuracy. The AOC-6000 Plus is powered by integrated software for either GC or GC/MS, enabling easy analysis accuracy control because autosampler and instrument analysis conditions are stored with the measured data.

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Weidmüller says its PROtop devices feature the topGUARD load-monitoring system and a plug-in communication interface. topGUARD is a modular electronic load output system comprising a feed-in module and several connected output modules. In the event of an overload or a short circuit, topGUARD will shut down the affected channel. The highlight of the system is the communication module, which can be used to retrofit both the PROtop power supply as well as the topGUARD load monitoring system. The standardized IO-Link technology (IEC 61131-9) allows users to transmit data while also ensuring data transparency and providing remote-controlled operation of the topGUARD load monitoring.

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