Applied Foods developed its organic ginger powder to help food and beverage companies add bold, spicy ginger flavor with efficiency and consistency. PurGinger is a highly water-soluble organic ginger powder that mixes seamlessly into solution. The company’s stable supply chain of pure organic ginger is extracted at the source to deliver a flavor and function indistinguishable from batch to batch. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing food ingredients, Applied Foods says companies can have confidence in its timeliness, quality and complete transparency.




Balchem says it manufactures and supplies customized ingredient systems that help bring innovative products to market faster. High-quality variegates provide many benefits. They add flavor to ice cream and create exciting texture. Variegates also provide a wide variety of creative flavor options and make the ice cream look more irresistible. Learn about the three main types of variegates — water-based variegates, emulsion-based variegates and oil-based variegates — on the company’s website. 




Citromax Flavors says it takes a creative approach to dairy-based applications with offerings such as classic flavors, flavor enhancers, innovative flavor platforms and the most recent creation of its research and development team: spice flavors. The company’s spice flavors strike a balance between savory and sweet, creating a unique flavor profile in a variety of applications ranging from dairy-based smoothies to coffee beverages. With the major shift in consumer palates toward less-sweet products and interest in flavor experiences from around the globe, Citromax’s flavor offerings of Berbere, gochujang, chai, Espelette pepper, pink peppercorn, turmeric, cardamom and more are enabling customers to create trend-forward products.

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Conagen is rapidly commercializing a broad range of sustainable plant-based flavor compounds. Creating more than 20 different lactones was the first step in its strategy to make the largest natural, non-GMO portfolio in the industry. The structural diversity of lactones helps define the character of dairy foods — from the flavor of fresh yogurt to goat cheese to aged Parmigiano-Reggiano. According to Conagen, fruit and cheese are so compatible because lactones are key to the flavors of apricot, peach, berries and tropical fruits. Conagen has the expertise to develop any pure flavor in nature and produce it at scale for their customers and partners.




Edlong says its singular focus on dairy flavors has resulted in the unveiling of two new dairy ingredient offerings. The new Organics by Edlong portfolio features flavors that range from sweet to savory, including different profile options in milk, butter, cheese, sweet dairy, masking and cultured varieties — each developed for taste impact, functional performance and full customization to suit specific needs. Edlong also expanded its line of dairy-based natural flavors to feature high-intensity cheese and cultured taste profiles specifically for use in sauces, dressings and dips.




Flavor Dynamics Inc. says it offers a cream flavor for nondairy and reduced-dairy applications. This flavor will enhance the creamy, buttery quality; tastant characteristics; and mouthfeel quality — all while masking any off notes. This customized system offers increased flavor retention and a more authentic taste experience. The flavor is a vegan-friendly, GMO-free and nonallergen option.




Pure vanilla extract, ranging from a single-fold supply to oleoresins (1-20 folds), is a core product line for Flavorchem. The extract is available in organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and origin-specific sourcing. Flavorchem says it utilizes modern technology with traditional methods to provide clients with the finest in vanilla flavoring and extracts. Its procurement group works closely with suppliers at the source of the vanilla beans to deliver the highest quality products and a sustainable vanilla supply chain. The pure vanilla extract can be an ingredient solution for a wide variety of applications ranging from ice cream and gelato to plant-based milk alternatives.




Mother Murphy’s Laboratories Inc. offers a sherbet that is tart and slightly floral with a tea-like finish and top-noted with a fresh juicy lemon flavor. The hibiscus lemon sherbet uses the following Mother Murphy’s trio of flavors: 3024154 Nat. hibiscus extract #4, 2521134 nat. hibiscus flavor WONF and 0736 lemon extract. This hibiscus lemon flavor would be ideal for iced or hot teas, as well as many dairy applications, the company says.




National Flavors Co. teamed up with local growers to create a Michigan cherry variegate for dairy products. The bold, bright red color and unique sour-sweet taste of Michigan cherries add visual appeal and a delicious flavor to dairy-based and nondairy frozen desserts. Processors can delight their customers and build their brands with an authentic Michigan Cherry variegate. National Flavors Co. says companies may get a sample with a free Flavorush account.




Parker Products says it was founded to provide inclusions to the dairy industry, and it has maintained its expertise in this area ever since. Each year, its research and development team puts together innovative and intriguing new combinations of flavors and textures based on worldwide industry trends. These featured flavors for frozen desserts include everything a company needs to draw its customers into a satisfying taste experience. One of the company’s recent featured flavors is Let's Get Bready To Crumble, which is banana ice cream blended with banana bread pieces and toasted cinnamon glazed walnuts with a mascarpone variegate.




Prova Inc. says it launched a complete portfolio of chestnut extracts and flavors that authentically reflect the sweet, nutty tastes of chestnut. Prova’s chestnut flavors have a roasted, honeyed sweet potato taste. They pair well with a wide range of other flavors ranging from traditional sweet notes such as vanilla, coffee, caramel and cocoa to savory flavors such as bacon and mushroom. Top applications for chestnut flavors in the sweet category include desserts and ice creams. For the incomparable combination of sweet and savory, chestnut flavors also can add a unique “swavory” taste.




Synergy Flavors says its new Dairy by Nature portfolio offers cost-conscious solutions for dairy-based and plant-based foods and beverages, improving mouthfeel, building indulgence and masking undesirable off notes across a range applications to deliver the healthier, great-tasting products that consumers expect. Dairy by Nature combines natural flavor with masking and mouthfeel technologies to create natural solutions. Unlike typical dairy flavors that simply add a singular top note such as caramelized butter, Synergy’s enriched premium ingredients bring more flavor depth, body and mouthfeel to finished products while still meeting today’s customers labeling requirements.  




From pollination to process to product, Tastepoint’s vanilla roots run deep. According to Tastepoint, vanilla has been, and continues to be, at the core of so much of what it does as a flavor company. This is why one of its working goals is to become unquestionably preeminent in all things vanilla. Tastepoint’s legacy has been extracting vanilla for over 100 years, and along the way, refining, perfecting and creating value-added conventional and proprietary extraction processes.




An extension of the nostalgic trend of the past decade, childhood favorites and child-adulthood hybrids are associated with happiness, positive taste memories and childhood bliss. Virginia Dare’s cereal milk flavor collection is at the heart of this trend, adding bottom-of-the-bowl cereal milk flavor goodness to dairy and dairy alternative applications. Virginia Dare says this flavor collection from Virginia Dare will please consumers’ inner child, with flavors spanning Apple Jaxx (Apple Jacks type), Fruity Loops (Froot Loops type), Magic Marshmallow (Lucky Charms type), Puffed Cocoa (Cocoa Puffs type) and more.