FlexLink said it introduced further conveyor capabilities for smoother product handling. In addition to the 85-millimeter, 180-millimeter and 300-millimeter stainless-steel sizes available, FlexLink now offers a 70-millimeter option — the X70X. It is designed to handle smaller food containers and packets that are more sensitive to being unstable during production. This additional offer gives manufacturers greater possibilities for optimizing their production control during manufacturing.




Karl Schnell Inc. USA said its KS lab mixer is a unique solution in the research and development sector. The main features of the mixer include flexible selection of mixing tools for a variety of processes and recipes, an integrated high-performance vacuum to reduce unwanted oxidative processes during mixing, and direct steam injection to achieve the shortest heating process steps for gentle heating. It can be applied universally for all kinds of block cheese. It also is optimal for producing natural mozzarella, cream cheese and a variety of vegan products.