Faced with challenging times, it’s time for the milk category to regain the narrative and recapture the attention of core consumers. The fact is, milk is growing — particularly across the flavored, whole, lactose-free and value-added segments, which have a growth rate stronger than the entire alternative milk category.

With more than 94% of households having milk in the fridge, now is the time for the industry to work together to take advantage of milk’s powerful profit potential.


Taking on Tokyo with a new look for milk

MilkPEP is putting milk brands at the center of the 2020 Olympic Games conversation via powerful partnerships with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee for white milk and USA Swimming for chocolate milk. This year’s Olympic activation looks different than any we’ve done in the past. We’re tapping Tokyo’s newest and edgiest sports, telling the authentic milk stories of Team USA’s coolest athletes and bringing it all to consumers via an innovative augmented reality (AR) experience that may be accessed exclusively by purchasing real milk.  

Milk brands also have the unique opportunity to maximize efforts across the full milk portfolio — including through a powerful partnership with five-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky for chocolate milk. Ledecky has been drinking chocolate milk to replenish and refuel after intense swim practices and meets since she was 13 years old.

Through our new partnership, brands may leverage Ledecky in their own campaigns — including on-pack, in digital and social, via media relations and more — to highlight milk’s authentic role in athletes’ lives during the 2020 Olympics window.

National air cover will set the tone for a more modern milk, reinforcing why it’s more relevant than ever, with more than $19.8 million driving consumers to the dairy aisle to purchase milk. Milk brands will have the ability to extend this national support with new assets, new types of content, new media extensions and new athletes to leverage on-pack, in-store and beyond.


Driving consumers to the dairy aisle

Milk’s 2020 Team USA activation is anchored by a cutting-edge AR experience. Shoppers will have the ability to unlock exclusive content, engage with content featuring Team Milk athletes and bring the Olympic experience to life right on their breakfast table — all by scanning a real white milk UPC with a new (and free) AR app.

This approach sets the stage for milk brands to show up differently in the dairy aisle this summer (and beyond) by shifting the consumer dairy case experience. We’ll take the dairy case from a sea of white to a destination that taps into an exclusive and ever-changing experience, driving repeat purchase with the episodic release of new content within the app.


Take action today and own the Olympics window!

MilkPEP is positioning milk to win the Olympic Games, but to fully own the window, we need to rally together with a full-industry activation. Milk brands, state and regional organizations, farmers and industry partners: We’re calling on you in 2020 to rally your teams and full organizations to blanket the country with milk activations.

MilkPEP has the tools and resources not only to build your brand activations from the ground up, but also to seamlessly incorporate the campaign into what you’re already doing. This campaign is fully customizable and completely ownable for your brand.

Together, we will make an impact on how people view, purchase and, ultimately, consume milk.