Saputo Inc. said it is pledging to accelerate its global climate, water and waste performance. The company announced clear targets and a formal commitment to make significant and sustainable progress by 2025. This pledge represents another strong step in the company’s journey to create shared value for its stakeholders through the Saputo Promise, its approach to social, environmental and economic performance. 

Specifically, Saputo is committing to:


  • Reduce CO2 intensity of its operations by 20%.
  • Reduce the energy intensity of its operations by 10%.


  • Reduce the water intensity of its operations by 10%.
  • Improve its wastewater quality year over year.


  • Reduce its total waste by 25%.
  • Increase its diversion rate to 75%.
  • Reduce its food waste by 50%.
  • Reduce its material use by 15% (packaging).
  • Ensure 100% of its packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  • Ensure its packaging includes at least 15% of recycled or renewable content.

Saputo said it expects to deliver on these tangible goals with targeted initiatives focusing on renewable electricity, resource conservation and sustainable packaging. The company will allocate additional resources to support the execution of this global action plan, including a three-year investment of CDN$50 million.

Also, Saputo established a governance framework to foster companywide accountability and ownership, with Carl Colizza, president and chief operating officer (North America), serving as its executive champion. Moreover, Saputo said it updated its Environmental Policy to reflect and uphold its 2025 goals and its long-term commitment to pursue environmentally responsible business practices.

Looking ahead, Saputo said it will extend efforts to its supply chain to further assist in helping address industrywide environmental considerations. Saputo intends to pursue its growth as a world-class dairy processor, while striving to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities. To learn more, visit