Lifeway Foods Inc., a supplier of fermented dairy and vegan probiotic products, said it plans to enter the growing cannabis market through Plantiful + CBD, a cannabidiol (CBD) infused version of Lifeway’s probiotic plant-based beverage, once it is legalized at the federal level by the FDA.

“Mental health is as important as physical well-being, and CBD shows promise as way to promote lowered anxiety and stress relief,” said Julie Smolyansky, Lifeway Foods’ CEO. “Science has shown that probiotics are natural inflammation reducers, and we believe that the addition of CBD will create an unmatched combination in the beverage space.

“We listen to our consumers and continue to create innovative products to support healthy guts and minds,” she added. “We’re excited about the opportunity to create a plant-based probiotic beverage with CBD that helps consumers support their physical and mental wellbeing in a convenient and delicious drink.”

Each ready-to-drink bottle will feature 10 vegan probiotics and the benefits of full spectrum CBD. The Morton Grove, Ill.-based company said it anticipates releasing Plantiful + CBD in a biodegradable 3.5-ounce bottle. A portion of proceeds from sales of Lifeway’s Plantiful + CBD will go toward restorative justice initiatives for those negatively impacted by U.S. drug policy.

Lifeway said it is also planning to file a comment in support of the FDA’s crafting a science-based structure to support the sale of products containing CBD. The company urges interested parties to do the same in an effort to bring products to market that consumers are demanding.

Plantiful + CBD would follow the initial Plantiful launch earlier this year. Plantiful won the “Best of Expo West 2019” award from EatingWell at Natural Products Expo West, Lifeway Foods said, where thousands of attendees had the opportunity to sample the delicious probiotic beverage.