Philadelphia-based La Colombe Coffee Roasters will debut its cold brew shandy lemonade, cold brew shandy grapefruit, cold brew shandy cherry, and two single-origin, organic “cold-brew, cold-filled” 42-ounce family-style bottles at the Natural Product Expo West in March.

“We are always in search of what coffee can become, and that is something that continuously drives us.

At Expo, we will be presenting the next evolution of coffee,” said Todd Carmichael, CEO and co-founder of La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

La Colombe said its cold brew 42-ounce multi-serve is the first and only cold-brewed, cold-filled large format coffee. It comes in two single-origin varieties: Cold Brew Brazilian Medium/Dark Roast and Cold Brew Colombian Light Roast.

“Ultimately, what this is about is bringing home the absolute best cold brew coffee in America to your refrigerator,” shared Carmichael. “We wanted to break down that wall where we become part of your morning routine and allow you the ability to customize your beverage how you like it.”

La Colombe’s new line of cold brew nitrous-infused shandies focuses on citrus flavors. The company noted that citrus is a tasting note that is present in most high-elevation, higher-scoring coffee. All of the 9-ounce shandies are made from light-roasted Colombian organic coffee. The cold brew shandy lemonade also contains lemonade sourced from centuries-old groves along the Mediterranean coast in Sicily. Cold brew shandy grapefruit is mixed with real pink grapefruit juice. The final release, cold brew shandy cherry, is created with cherries sourced from locations near to La Colombe’s production facility in Michigan.