Spartan Parts, a new subsidiary of Holland, Mich.-based Fogg Filler Co., said it is focused on custom parts design and fabrication for commercial filling equipment. Spartan Parts aims to look for ways to improve the efficiencies of an organization's liquid and food packaging needs.

Not designed to assist existing Fogg machines, Spartan Parts was developed to support non-Fogg upgrades and consumable parts in a processing facility. Spartan Parts said it offers an extensive rebuild program to provide a solution that is custom fit to an organization’s needs.

The first step in the Spartan Parts rebuild process is to evaluate the filling line and gauge what the needs are — and if they are achievable. The next step in the process is to perform a machine audit. During the audit, Spartan Parts said it will evaluate what needs to be upgraded, such as valves or electronics, to get the machine to achieve the required production rates. After completion of the audit, Spartan Parts will send a quote listing what’s needed to make the filling line run at the required efficiency.

To discuss your individual needs, please consult a Spartan Parts representative by calling 616-377-7150, or visit Spartan Parts’ website at