This winter, TruMoo chocolate milk, a brand of Dallas-based Dean Foods Co., is partnering with One Warm Coat, a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing free, warm coats to those in need. In the past 25 years, the organization has hosted approximately 27,000 drives, giving away more than 5 million coats, the brand noted.

For the nearly 15% of Americans living in poverty, a winter coat is a budget "extra" they can't afford. To help warm those in need, TruMoo is encouraging others to pay it forward by heating up a mug of TruMoo chocolate milk for a cozy treat and sharing a photo with the hashtag #WarmUpWithTruMoo. For every photo taken and tagged on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram through Feb. 28, TruMoo said it will help provide warmth for two people.

"The #WarmUpWithTruMoo campaign allows people to support One Warm Coat with just a few clicks on their phones and a few sips from their mugs," said Jennifer Stockard, president and CEO, One Warm Coat. "We're so thankful to TruMoo for their commitment to help people stay warm and protected this winter."

Marissa Jarratt, vice president of marketing and innovation, Dean Foods, said the company is proud to be partnering with One Warm Coat.

"Each year, we encourage our consumers to heat up their TruMoo Chocolate Milk to warm up, and we are so excited that this year, their participation will help others stay warm and safe," she said.

In addition to the partnership to support One Warm Coat, TruMoo said it is running a promotion with JET-PUFFED marshmallows in select stores across the country. A coupon will be available when purchasing the products together, encouraging customers to use the mini marshmallows to create a smile in their TruMoo Chocolate Milk served warm.