Sensient Flavors, Milwaukee, Wis., introduced All Natural Flavor Collections to its portfolio. The trend flavors help food and beverage manufacturers target upcoming market trends and reflect current consumer preferences, said Sensient Flavors. The latest findings of Sensient’s consumer and market research underpin the All Natural Flavor Collections, which are split into five key botanical areas: florals, herbs, spices, tea and ginger.

“As consumers demand more natural, healthier options, and the chance to express their individuality, botanicals are making a comeback in the food and beverage world,” said Barbara Lezzer, director of marketing Europe – Sweet and Beverage, Sensient Flavors.

Sensient’s Floral Collection offers spicy and herbaceous as well as sweet flavors for a multitude of applications, from cocktails and gin to dairy and confectionery. Jasmine, chrysanthemum, desert wildflowers, elderflower, geranium, rose and lavender feature in the 10-strong line-up, alongside orange blossom, cherry blossom and hibiscus, according to Sensient Flavors.

Sensient’s Spice Collection offers black pepper, pink peppercorn, star anise, clove bud and saffron, ideal for beverage applications. The company also has cinnamon, capsicum, cardamom and liquorice, which are ideal for use in bakery and dairy. Completing this collection, juniper berry is perfect in meat-based savories and beer, said the company.

Sensient’s carefully curated Herb Collection comprises garden mint, coriander leaves, sage, rosemary, hops, oregano, basil, thyme, lemongrass and aloe vera.

Tea is no longer a beverage to be had at a certain time of the day. Exciting new offerings have consumers reaching for tea in different forms and flavors around the clock, said Sensient Flavors. The ability of tea to offer rich profiles makes it the perfect way to add flavor and depth to everything from ice cream to chocolate and alcoholic beverages, said the company. Sensient’s Tea Collection brings together eight different tastes: green tea, matcha tea, white tea, cascara tea, rooibos, chai tea, black tea and earl grey.

Sensient’s Ginger Collection comprises six distinctive flavor profiles: classic ginger beer, ginger ale, ginger root (gari), spicy ginger, Nigerian ginger ­­and Chinese ginger (galangal). The versatile flavors work in all sorts of applications, from beverages and confectionery to bakery and dairy deserts, said the company.

Sensient’s All Natural Flavor Collections are based on Sensient Natural Origins, a range of authentic, true-to-nature extracts derived from the named source (FTNS) botanical and other organic-based ingredients, created using selective extraction techniques which capture the true flavor and aroma profile of the original source, said the company.