Film inner seal enhances shelf life

Airlite Plastics’ J1851 container incorporates a full wrap IML label to maximize graphic area.  The container allows for a film inner seal which enhances shelf life and product freshness. The LR8 lid, available in a variety of colors, also incorporates IML graphics. The combination offers space-saving packaging with graphics and superior shelf appeal.



Large cap beverage container

Elopak’s 900 milliliter slim Pure-Pak Diamond carton with the curve feature has a tall and slender design. Combined with the Diamond top elongated panel and the bow shape, the carton has space for a bigger closure. This is a key consumer-pleaser with the larger cap making for easier opening and better pouring — with less splashing and less waste, according to the company.  The carton can be used for dairy and juice products.

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Eco-friendly carton bottle  

Tetra Pak’s Tetra Top carton bottle for refrigerated products is now available in North America. The product is an environmentally friendly alternative that combines the functionality of a bottle with the environmental profile and contemporary look and feel of a carton package. It has an extensive printable surface, and comes in a wide range of sizes, ideal for chilled products at home or on-the-go.



Wide-mouth dairy cup 

The Zen Monkey cup and lid is a new container from Phoenix Packaging designed for a dairy-oatmeal-based product. The cup is made of thermoformed white polypropylene with printed shrink sleeve in rotogravure using combination of matte and shine varnish. The lid is a full-color printed aluminum foil. The 95 millimeter mouth opening makes it easy to spoon out product and the full-color printed lid displays graphics clearly.



FFS cups with shrink-sleeve label

Sacmi’s in-line sleeving system integrated in the form, fill and seal (FFS) machine makes it convenient to produce cups in-house versus premade containers, according to the company. The system features a single piece of equipment for FFS, plus sleeving process. It uses limited floor space and has flexibility in decoration to comply with product change-over. Indian dairy Chitale uses the system for traditional yogurt in 7-and 14-ounce tubs.



Side-car container for yogurts/desserts  

Berry Plastics offers a packaging solution for yogurt, snacks and desserts with inclusions.  Designed with two compartments, or a side-car, the single-serve package allows for multiple snack combinations. The package’s heat sealable 95 millimeter dual compartment cup is available in clear, white or colored substrates. 



Tamper evident composite closures

Stanpac has developed the SecurTEC line of tamper evident composite closures for the ice cream and frozen dessert markets. The technology provides a tamper-evident feature without added materials, extra equipment or labor, or slower line speeds. The solution is a simple snap-on application, accomplished with regular lidding equipment. A tear-band connected to the body of the over-cap locks onto the rim of the container, allowing customers to visually see if product tampering has occurred prior to purchase.