[Editor’s note: Jerry Anderson is retiring from Synder Filtration at the end of September. Company President Jeffrey H. Yeh wrote the following tribute.]

Mr. Jerry Anderson has spent his entire career working in, and advancing the dairy industry. 

Growing up on his family’s dairy farm in Darlington, WI, he milked cows and helped take care of the crops. He joined Roy’s Dairy in 1972 right out of high school, filling various roles until becoming the first superintendent of the new whey processing plant in 1981. Jerry joined APV as a technical service field rep in 1992 and was later hired by Separatech in a similar capacity in 1994. 

In 1996, everything changed during a fateful car ride with Mr. Edward Yeh, principal owner of Synder Filtration. Ed and Jerry were out on a service call together and had a good long ride to discuss membrane technology and the future of dairy processing. By the end of the car ride, Jerry had agreed in principal to becoming a salesman for Synder Filtration!

Twenty years later, Synder is honored to celebrate Jerry’s contributions to the overall body of knowledge that supports membrane process applications in the dairy industry. He has helped countless process plants meet and exceed their separation goals, and has helped guide the development of new products and applications at Synder. As a salesman, Jerry’s constant travel and hard work have delivered results year in and year out that are nothing short of tremendous.

More than anything, Jerry has always represented our shared values of honesty, integrity, quality and service to the highest imaginable standard, all with a positive attitude and joyful exuberance for life. 

From the entire Synder family we want to say, THANK YOU JERRY! You have helped to set the stage for the next phase of growth, and we wouldn’t be here today without your enormous influence on our business, our customers, and the industry at large. You are truly one of a kind and will be missed.

Enjoy your retirement and we will see you soon!

With warmest regards,
Jeffrey H. Yeh
President, Synder Filtration