Grupo Lala, a dairy company headquartered in Mexico, today announced a new division named Lala U.S., headquartered in Dallas. It will serve as the marketing arm for Lala and other brands in the United States.

Lala U.S. consists of a portfolio of established brands including Lala yogurt smoothies, Promised Land premium milk and cream products, Borden cultured products, Frusion smoothies, Skim Plus milk and Nordica cottage cheese. Borden fresh milk is not part of Lala's portfolio.

Grupo Lala bought three dairy plants from Laguna Dairy earlier this year. The plants are in Omaha, Neb.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; and Floresville, Texas. They manufacture drinkable yogurts and premium-priced specialty milks.

Lala made its U.S. market debut in 2005 with yogurt, yogurt smoothies and sour cream. It introduced Greek Yogurt Smoothies in 2015, and expanded the brand nationally earlier this year.

Steve Gorman is chief executive officer of Lala U.S. His background is in transportation, having served in executive leadership roles at Greyhound Lines and Delta Air Lines.

In a statement today from Lala U.S., Chief Marketing Officer of Lala U.S.Toby Purdy said, “Our parent company, Grupo Lala, has a rich history that spans six decades, and Lala U.S. with our growing family of brands continues to add to that story."

The company said to strengthen ties with existing retailers and consumers as well as introduce newcomers to Lala U.S., it has launched a new website The website is part of a national company awareness campaign that started in mid-August.

This article was updated Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.