Family-owned Perry’s Ice Cream, Akron, N.Y., disposed of 70% less waste at landfill in 2014 over the previous year, according to the company’s corporate sustainability report. By recycling, reducing the use of materials, and repurposing byproducts and dairy waste, Perry’s progressed towards its goal of becoming a certified “zero landfill” operation.

Other 2014 accomplishments for Perry’s Ice Cream included:

  • Lowest water and electric usage (per gallon of ice cream produced) since 2010
  • $336,000 in community support 
  • 3,000 hours invested in team member training and development
  • 40% less reefer fuel used to cool refrigerated body of direct-store-delivery trucks
  • 24% reduction in out-of-route miles by the over-the-road team
  • 20% reduction in manufacturing waste
  • 300,000+ pounds saved in packaging material
  • 35% productivity improvement in the frozen warehouse due to new technology investment

“Our journey to a more sustainable future is focused around four key areas: organizational culture, solid waste reduction, natural resource management and maximizing performance,” said Director of Sustainability Gayle Denning.

 The 2014 corporate sustainability report, titled “The Good Stuff Report,” is available on the company’s website.