Fortress Technology, a global leader in the manufacture of metal detector systems, is pleased to introduce their new Metal Detector Test Wands. Testing metal detectors on a frequent basis is an important part of all food safety plans. These test wands were developed after listening to their customers, whom expressed the need to have easily identifiable, durable and hygienic test pieces.

“Our customers requested test wands that were clearly identifiable and would not shatter when dropped”, says Kelly Sharpe, Marketing Manager. “So, we set about designing and manufacturing a test wand that would satisfy these needs and more. By manufacturing ourselves we are able to keep our costs low, and so, we are very pleased to offer these superior test wands for $10 less than our previous model.”

Fortress’s New Test Wands are made from impact resistant and shatter proof Polycarbonate, have a smooth sleek hygienic design to avoid food traps and for easy cleaning. They have a large, easy grip paddle to ease insertion and removal from food, or to lay flat on packaged products. The colored Polycarbonate indicates the metal sphere type and markings are clearly etched using a Fiber Laser, which will not fade overtime.

In conjunction with their New Test Wands, Fortress is launching their test sample e-commerce store, The most popular types of test samples are currently available, and other new types of test samples currently in development will be added as they become available. “We’re excited to launch our e-commerce store,” says Kelly Sharpe. “This site is a natural extension of our Never Obsolete commitment that we offer our customers.”

Fortress Technology is the only North American Metal Detection Manufacturer that, since its inception in 1996, custom manufactures their equipment to suit their customers’ needs, application and specifications to ensure optimal metal detection, along with offering a Never Obsolete Commitment. Fortress metal detectors are renowned in the industry their speed, accuracy and simple operation and used widely within a range of food industry sectors including for bakery, meats, packaged meals, dairy, confectionery, fresh foods frozen foods, textile and pharmaceutical. Fortress is a global enterprise with manufacturing offices in Canada, the UK, and Brazil serving North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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