By Federal Mfg,

Federal Mfg., powered by Pro Mach, introduced its most advanced series of high-speed dairy filling machines, which will help dairies achieve maximum productivity and operate at peak efficiency with low cost of ownership. These fillers are suitable for both dairy products and juices. One of these machines has the potential to replace two slower fillers and help reduce dairy operating costs. Each machine in the series is 3-A certified for hygienic construction and operation.

Large container machines in the series can fill up to 175 gallon containers per minute and are rated at up to 360 half-gallon containers at per minute (whole milk speeds). Filling speeds for small container machines – quarts, pints, and half pints – can reach as high as 1,100 containers per minute.

Every major system was analyzed and engineering choices were made on the basis of uptime, long-service life, and ease-of-maintenance. For example, mechanical filling valves, rather than electronic valves, were selected after careful analysis showed the electric valves in a dairy’s wash down environment were prone to failure over time and were costly and time consuming to replace.

Each machine is crafted out of stainless steel. Fit and finish is designed to deny bacteria crevasses in which to grow. These machines feature dedicated, closed-coupled, clean-in-place units, which control the circulation of cleaning fluids and maintain proper fluid concentrations for optimum usage of supplies. Allen-Bradley control systems were selected based on readily available replacements parts and a wide network of local distributors with trained technical support personnel.

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SOURCE: Federal Mfg.