Straight-line, multi-lane machines

A.T.S. Engineering Inc. produces high-speed precision filling, sealing and overcapping equipment. The company custom designs and manufactures rotary and straight-line machines designed to package a variety of liquid and viscous products such as cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt and ice cream. Its straight-line, multi-lane machines run up to 320 cups per minute to meet high-volume production requirements. The machines are also designed for rapid changeover between products, and can be configured to run multiple container sizes.


Full-servo filling machines

Bossar’s Horizontal BMS filling machines are controlled by independent servos, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity versus traditional mechanical machines. Additional advantages of this technology include: Easy access to all areas of the machine; less material and product waste; durability; and high degree of visual safety and control mechanisms through the whole process.

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All-servo filler system

DariFill’s all-servo filler system can increase production speed and efficiency, according to the company. The Lynx filler can fill a range from 3-ounce to half -gallon containers, flat-top cones and squeeze tubes, at rates up to 360 cups per minute and up to 6-wide configuration.  The filling system is ideal for ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese, sour cream and other dairy applications.  The filler features all stainless steel construction and is servo-driven with quick no-adjustment changeover between products.


Extended-shelf-life machine

Evergreen Packaging Equipment’s EQ-70 gable top packaging machine is an extended-shelf-life machine for refrigerated dairy and juice. It includes a self-contained CIP/SIP system, HEPA filtration, auto-sanitization, carton decontamination and a hermetic filling system. A three-stage top-down fill system consists of a double diaphragm metering bowl which enables accurate, consistent fill volumes and maintains a high hygienic state in the fill system. Servo-driven technology provides repeatable package performance and automatically controls fill volumes and profiles based on product and carton size.


CIP valve for filling milk

Fogg Filler’s Tri-Line extended CIP dairy valve fills cold or ambient fill for all flowable liquids, but was created for filling milk. The white diaphragm is designed to extract the foam off the top to achieve a clean fill level each time. It features a tool-less external removal and disassembly, and it’s designed for CIP, with multiple cleaning cycles without hand cleaning. The diaphragm can be removed to make it a hot-fill valve.


High-speed fillers

Galdi’s new high-speed RG270 series is designed for filling fresh and extended-shelf-life liquid food products in all gable-top carton sizes. With the installation of its double-diaphragm filler, it offers an easier format changeover and the ability to fill a wide range of products and sizes. The integrated spout applicator is an option available for all the models. It includes a quick CIP mode setting and implemented foaming settings for a better cleaning cycle and hygiene conditions.


Powder-filling system

The new RBF-1000Li (limited intervention) powder filling system from GEA Avapac is a high-performance packing technology for 25-kilogram bags, designed to fit into a standard 40-foot shipping container. The system is highly automated and uses five filling heads, each with a unique pivoting arrangement to keep the footprint of the machine small. The new design also offers complete control of the bags from bag present station to filling station; a de-aeration station for improved bag stability; and automated neck stretching, heat-sealing and weight-checking.  


Custom filling solution for frozen desserts

Gram Equipment offers the RUF (Rotary Universal Filler) filling solution for products like sundae-style ice creams, frozen yogurts and gelato. Add-on equipment is available to fill product with flutes, add rosettes, provide decorative syrup toppings, and add small and/or large particles. The company is able to custom-design a filler configuration. Discrete change parts make it easy to switch between products quickly and easily. The system can be used to fill any container.


Space-saving vertical filler

The Hinds-Bock vertical 6P-04V filler automatically fills a wide variety of flowable or semi-flowable products, with or without particulates, such as cheese, dips, spreads and fruit fillings. The 6P-04V dives for bottom-up filling and utilizes clean accurate positive shut-off spouts with an adjustable blow-off feature. Designed for high-speed accurate filling, the 6P-04V only takes up 18 inches of linear conveyor length.


Filling solution for frozen dessert containers

Huhtamaki offers the FC-2320 filler/capper and CF-3200 cover feeder as solutions for frozen dessert container filling. The new filler redesign allows for simple tooling changes and maintenance. It is equipped to fill up to 150 containers per minute in dual-drop or single-drop configuration.  The machine has a small footprint allowing for convenient changeovers and easy storage. The cover feeder also has a compact footprint and added features to simplify operation and maintenance.  The cover feeder features a pneumatic supply system that can accommodate round and nonround lids.


Hysteresis-style capping head assembly

Magnetic Technologies Ltd.’s new hysteresis-style capping head assembly is designed specifically for the dairy industry. The Crusader can be adapted to any existing filler as a drop-in replacement. The unit offers full torque adjustment across the complete range of application torques with smooth, consistent application. It is ideal for the newest lightweight closures. All units are 100% stainless steel construction with sealed SS bearings. U.S. distribution is through JD Machinery Sales & Service.


Filler with small aseptic zone

The KHS Innosept Asbofill extended-shelf-life filling machine has a small aseptic zone that gives operators maximum product safety. The container is also hygienically sealed directly following the filling process. Both of these measures ensure product safety. The machine has short format changeover time which is performed without affecting the aseptic conditions. It works with a variety of container options. Outputs are 12,000 or 24,000 bottles per hour.

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Laboratory aseptic fillers

MicroThermics offers laboratory aseptic fillers, the X250 and the X500, by Xenos. Fed by one of its UHT/HTST processors, the fillers sterilize and aseptically fill beverages and similar products into consumer-style bottles on a continuous basis at a rate of 250 and 500 bottles per hour, respectively. Measuring approximately 7 feet long, the machine can fill into glass or plastic quarter-or half-liter bottles. This eliminates the need for pre-sterilized bottles. 


Aseptic pouch form-fill-seal machine

Oystar USA’s Hassia SAS 20/30 aseptic pouch form-fill-seal machine offers product-specific filling systems with high filling accuracy. The SAS 20/30 FFS machine can produce stick packs from 60 to 225 millimeters in length, 26 to 80 millimeters wide, and at volumes of up to 250 milliliters. It can produce as many as 24,000 stick packs per hour. Aseptic stick packs are used for convenience products, like puddings, dairy products such as coffee creamers and cream cheese products.


Aseptic container station

Krones has developed the DosaFlex aseptic container station for product-friendly dosing of aseptic components in finished beverages with a solids content. The aseptic containers can be pressurized with an overlay of sterile air or nitrogen. This prevents recontamination or absorption of unwanted substances such as oxygen. For continuous operation, two container connections can be used alternately. To ensure fast container changeovers, the connections are sterilized with steam before the product path is opened.

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Bag filling system for bulk powder processing system

Powder Process-Solutionscan integrate a 25-kilogram bag filler into a bulk powder processing system.  Its bag filling systems comply with food and dairy hygiene standards. The dust-free design allows for a high level of accuracy, sanitation and ease of use.  Features include a modular design that allows for flexibility and growth.  The company can also design a complete powder handling system for packaging dry bulk powders processed in the dairy industry.  Options include single- and multiple-head fillers.


Cup/tray/pouch filling machines

PTI-Waldner filling and sealing equipment offers a full line of high-performance solutions for cups, trays, portion packs and pre-made pouches. The Dosomat filling systems are available in both rotary and inline configurations for hot fill, semi-aseptic, MAP and retort applications. The rotary and inline pouch systems offer solutions for low-output filling and high-productivity, high-volume filling applications. It features multiple options, including advanced filling systems combined with ultrasonic sealing.


Dripless valve cheese cup filling systems

Reiser and Vemag have designed a variety of dripless valve cheese cup filling systems. This solution combines a Vemag Portioner with a dripless valve filling attachment. The valve is an ideal solution for depositing precise portions of product and can be easily integrated into existing production lines. The systems can be used to deposit processed cheese, cheese spreads and cheese dips into cups, tubs, trays and packages.


Time-fill and volumetric piston fillers

T.D. Sawvel expanded its lineup of sanitary packaging equipment built to the 3-A SSI standard. The company will be adding the new Model 135-AAA rotary filler, which will be available in both time-fill and volumetric piston-filling configurations. This model is ideal for packaging ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, fresh cheese, fresh churned butter, whipped butter and similar products in container sizes ranging from 1 to 80 ounces.


Pre-made spouted pouch solution

Scholle Packaging’s CleanPouch provides a convenient and reliable pre-made spouted pouch solution for customers looking to enter the dairy market. The system has a highly automated pouch forming process with testing protocol to reduce the chance for human error and contamination. It features clean room manufactured components, customizable pouch options and rail system that feeds into the high-speed rotary filler or existing filling lines.


Compact servo rotary fillers

Osgood’s RF-S series servo rotary fillers are built on a stainless steel weldment base. This series features a compact footprint that allows access to all stations. The efficient, flexible machine handles filling, sealing and lidding of ice cream, cultured products, margarine or butter.  Designed to accommodate single serve, pints, quarts and half gallons, the fillers can be configured from one lane to three lanes with output of up to 150 cups per minute.