geaThe latest release with our GEA Tuchenhagen T.VIS® A-15 control top sets a new standard for operating and monitoring GEA process valves in dairy production. The new T.VIS® A-15 control tops offer a fully automatic set-up mode for quick and easy install, as well as an online set-up mode, thereby minimizing production down time and operating errors.

The control tops are made from Polyamide PA12 material, providing resistance against higher oil-containing compressed air, and UV radiation etc., as well as protection from the ingress of moisture and dust. The T.VIS® A-15 meets IP69K standard for resistance with high impact wash downs and can withstand higher levels of pipework hammer and vibration, up to 15G.

 We understand that maintenance is a key factor in any production plant, so we designed removable covers for easy maintenance. The control tops include smart self-teach features without setting sensors, and if a fault occurs, the control tops are fully controllable from the PLC, intervention at the actual top is not necessary. We also created a commonality of parts with the Manual (M-15) version to simplify spare parts.