ross mixerRoss Multi-Shaft Mixers are ideal for large-scale processing of pastes, gels, dispersions, suspensions and slurries from low to high viscosity. Equipped with two or three independently-driven agitators working in tandem, these versatile machines are designed for heavy-duty mixing under controlled temperature and can deliver a wide range of shear levels.

Shown is a 2000-gal Triple-Shaft Mixer featuring a helical three-wing anchor agitator, a high speed saw-tooth disperser blade and a high shear rotor/stator emulsifier. This fixed-tank design mixer is rated for full vacuum operation up to 29.5” Hg. Stainless steel 316L wetted parts are polished to a 240-grit finish. The domed cover includes flanged ports, spray balls, an RTD thermoprobe and a 24” manway. A pneumatically-operated sanitary discharge valve, dimpled 100-psig stainless steel jacket and rotary vane vacuum pump were supplied as well. The mixer is controlled from a 15” color touch screen connected to a pre-programmed PLC.

Other Multi-Shaft Mixer features and popular options:

  • Scalable models from 1 through 4000 gallons capacity.
  • Vacuum or pressure capability.
  • Interchangeable mix vessels and discharge press (available on change can models up to 750 gallons).
  • Pressure transducers, load cells, viscometers, temperature control unit and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Riboflavin fluorescence testing, ASME code stamping, material and surface finish certifications, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and other services.
  • Flexible control options from simple variable frequency drives to fully automated recipe systems.

For more information on Ross Mixers or to speak with a mixing specialist about your application, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677). Ask about our Trial/Rental Program.

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