terletTerlet USA launched the new USDA Dairy certified Terlotherm Delta range scraped surface heat exchangers. One 75 sq ft Delta 700 can pasteurize 12.000 lb/hr WPC using hot water. The dual cylinder design combines maximum heat transfer for heating and cooling with a small footprint and low maintenance costs. Increased surface area allows a lower heating medium temperature increasing plant up times between CIP cycles. US based pilot units are available for testing.

  • 75 Sq Ft heat exchange surface on a 16 Sq ft foot print
  • Only one motor & one mechanical seal
  • X-ray, metal detectable and magnetic blades
  • Product viscosities > 500,000 cps
  • USDA Dairy certification
  • Aseptic version available

  Contact details: Ph 856 241 9970 / terhuurne@terlet.com / www.terlet.com