All Star continues to exhibit strength in numbers through membership and volume gains and through a completely new user-friendly interactive website for member savings.  New programs such as natural gas and electricity procurement via reverse auctions offer savings that go directly to the bottom line.  The All Star industry specific online training includes modules on CIP, food safety, processing, OSHA, route sales, HR and more.

Led by Executive Director Jeff Sterne and a very capable and experienced staff, All Star has purchasing relationships with nearly 285 individual companies representing over 450 plants.

Along with membership additions, growth is coming from new programs such as sugar, dairy commodities, pest control, peanuts, truck refrigerants/fluids and bossy carts.  Other new programs include wooden rental pallets, cleaning/sanitation, water treatment and ice cream packaging. This is in addition to its list of over 150 suppliers offering discounts in the major categories of:

  • Packaging (resin, caps, cartons, bottles, bags, labels, bulk cans, bulk totes)
  • Ingredients (flavorings, juice/tea concentrates, nuts, confections, powders, vitamins, drink bases, oils, sweeteners, fruits)
  • Cleaning/Sanitizing/Water Treatment/Lubricants
  • Coolers/Freezers/Dispensers/Lab Supplies/Uniforms
  • Plastic Cases & Pallets/Ink Jet Coders/Stretch & Shrink Film
  • Tires/Trucks/Autos/Parts/Decals/Oil/Forklifts & Parts

“Our members continue to look for ways to save money and they trust our ability to secure top quality suppliers at reduced pricing to facilitate that need,” Sterne said. “Without the help from a larger buying entity, companies find themselves at a distinct disadvantage using only their own purchasing power.”

Valuable services that pay-off

Beyond saving money with purchasing programs, All Star offers many services to its members to assist in savings, compliance and efficiency, such as:

Industry Specific On-Line Training. Imagine having affordable industry specific training available 24/7 that not only educates but keeps precise records to satisfy government regulations.  Many courses are also recorded in Spanish.  The wide range of subjects include basic first aid, chemical safety, fork lift operations, workplace HR issues, safe driver training, lock and tag as well as many other related modules.

Procurement Services for Natural Gas & Electricity Contracting. Partnering with World Energy, All Star is able to save its members huge amounts on this commodity expense. If significant savings are not realized after the auction, you won’t be required to sign a contract.

Web-Based Freight/Cream/Sugar/Dairy Powder Quotes. Obtaining quotes from up to five different freight haulers/consolidators, several major sugar suppliers and four different cream/dairy powder companies is easy.

All Star University. Qualified consultants that specialize in the following areas of concentration offer members expert advice at discounted rates:

  • Operations and Food Safety      
  • Engineering & Maintenance              
  • Manufacturing Intelligence        
  • Accounting & Software
  • Distribution                                
  • Blow Molding Training
  • Safety & OSHA Compliance     
  • Human Resource Services

Quality Assurance. In 2013 All Star announced that its annual audit had been realigned with the standard SQF audit to save members from obtaining two separate examinations.  This allows members to be SQF-certified at their low discounted rate at the same time participating in the annual awards program.  Randolph Associates will continue to conduct the audits as well as satisfy third-party audit requirements, HACCP, SQF and GMA-SAFE certifications. 

Park City ReposiTrak. Managing risk associated with tracking food through the entire food chain can be extremely cumbersome as well as difficult.  This program addresses the three most important facets of the FSMA requirements: Document Management, Track & Trace and Perpetual Inventory within the supply chain.  Park City along with Leavitt Partners has a computer software program that can address regulatory, reputational and potential financial liability risk.  All Star is offering this program to its members.  


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