By Chr. Hansen

Chr Hansen new natural colorProducers of the popular and visually appealing fruit-on-the-bottom yogurts have long been struggling with a dilemma: they really want to respond to the dairy consumers’ demand and convert the fruit preparation to natural colors but they haven’t been able to find a natural color that remains in the fruit preparation one that doesn’t migrate from the fruit preparation and into the yogurt leaving undesirable traces of colorant in the white mass.

The solution to migration
At the 2014 IFT Expo this week in New Orleans, La., Chr. Hansen introduced a natural red color solution that solves this particular problem.

“Our brand new color solution ‘DairyMax Red 144 WSS’ has been developed specifically for fruit-on-the-bottom yogurts and I’m proud to say that we have solved the migration issue with this patent-pending innovation,” said Chr. Hansen’s Thomas Christensen, industry product manager, Natural Colors Division.

The intense red shade provided by DairyMax Red 144 WSS is a result of its content of anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a natural color pigment found in various fruits and vegetables such as grape, elderberry, red radish, red cabbage, blackcurrant, and black carrot. Anthocyanin is allowed in Europe and USA for fruit preparation and dairy products.

Moreover multiple stability tests have confirmed that products dyed with DairyMax Red 144 WSS keep their intense and visually enticing red hue throughout the production and storage processes.

SOURCE: Chr. Hansen