New range of all natural colors from Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen introduces a new range of all natural colors for fruit preparations, dairy, and food and beverage applications for the US market.

After a successful roll-out in Europe of the ‘FruitMax’ range of coloring foodstuffs, Chr. Hansen now introduces a series of FruitMax solutions developed specifically for applications in the American food and beverage industries. The FruitMax range for the US market, which includes seven shades from red to violet, are all processed from edible, natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. This origin allows food manufacturers to label the ingredients as color: fruit and/or vegetable concentrates.

“Historically, the US market demand for natural colors has not been as strong as the European market demand, but the past couple of years we have experienced a considerable increase in requests from US food manufacturers looking to replace artificial colors with natural alternatives,” states Kurt Seagrist, Chr. Hansen’s Senior Vice President of Colors.

“One specific sub-trend is the rising consumer demand for ‘clean label’ food products, meaning foods with few food additives listed on the product label. Particularly in the dairy segment we see many food product launches focusing on an “all natural” positioning. Using our FruitMax colors, food manufacturers have the opportunity to ‘color food with food’ without making compromises in the appearance of the product. FruitMax has a direct appeal to health-conscious global consumers who increasingly prefer food with natural ingredients. With FruitMax there is a clear link to nature,” Seagrist concludes.

SOURCE: Chr. Hansen