Dow Water & Process Solutions created Hypershell technology, a reverse-osmosis system for the dairy and food industry. Hypershell Element product lines feature a state-of-the-art spiral-wound 8-inch reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane encased with a polypropylene hard shell designed to eliminate channeling and prevent premature degradation and failure of the element. It contains high-rejection reverse-osmosis membranes that are effective in dewatering or product concentration in dairy and food streams.



GEA Filtration has successfully commercialized the use of reverse osmosis (RO) to concentrate the acid whey by a factor of three to four, thereby reducing transport costs proportionally. The RO permeate is further purified in a polisher (ROP) to produce recovered water for re-use within the factory. In addition to reducing the transportation cost of acid whey disposal, the concentrated whey has a higher nutritional density than the un-concentrated precursor and provides some opportunity for producing a small revenue stream from the animal feed application.



Microdyn-Nadir GmbH manufactures high-quality membrane filtration products and solutions for the dairy and food industry. It recently introduced a new microfiltration membrane for the defatting of whey.  This membrane has great performance in fat rejection and flux. The Spira-Cel microfiltration spiral elements are available in standard and custom sizes. Spira-Cel elements are said to have great retention, high fluxes, long lifetime and excellent performance in dairy and food applications. 



ProFrac is one of SPX’s most advanced membrane processes for the fractionation of milk proteins. It is based on microfiltration and uses either spiral-wound or ceramic membranes to selectively remove whey protein from milk prior to cheesemaking. This is accomplished through sharp separations between the casein and whey proteins, enabling optimum utilization of the individual fractions. A further benefit of ProFrac is that extracted whey proteins are and stay native throughout the process.