Deans Cottage Cheese curved containerDean’s and Land O Lakes brands have released innovative curved bottom containers for its cottage cheese, sour cream and dips. The new packaging is arriving on retailer shelves throughout the upper Midwest. The packaging concept, developed and used in Europe, provides several consumer benefits.

The curved bottom profile of these packages allow consumers to easily scoop up every last bit, said Rob Hollandsworth, group vice president of the Dean Foods, which has a licensing agreement to use the Land O Lakes brand on milk and cultured products. Consumer research verified that the new, curved-bottom packages are convenient for scooping up the product with a spoon, a chip, a vegetable, a cracker, or other ways. Research also verified that consumers find the new packaging’s “stackability” a real benefit. The new packaging concept also addresses environmental concerns for recyclability and sustainability.

Land O Lakes Sour Cream curved containerThe launch of the new Dean’s and Land O Lakes sour cream and cottage cheese packaging will be supported by a full media campaign beginning in early 2014 under the “Scoop Up the Goodness” theme.

Dean Foods, Dallas, Texas, is the parent company of the Dean's brand. The Land O Lakes and Indian Maiden brandmarks are owned by Land O'Lakes Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

SOURCE: Dean Foods