Stonyfield Greek yogurt Cafe LatteLondonberry, N.H.-based Stonyfield, the leading brand of organic yogurt available nationally, announced that its line of organic Greek yogurt now features an even creamier texture and two new flavors.

The two new flavors are: Black Cherry and Cafe Latte. Stonyfield Greek comes in two sizes, 5.3-ounce single cups and 4-ounce 4-packs, and a variety of other flavors including vanilla, blueberry, super fruits, chocolate, peach mango and caramel. It's sold in the dairy aisle at grocers nationwide. The 5.3-ounce cups are sold for a suggested retail price of $1.63.

Stonyfield yogurt emphasizes its clean label, it’s made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, GMOs, artificial hormones and antibiotics.

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