By Verilon Products Co.

Verilon Vinyl Strip DoorsProduct integrity and safety are top concerns in the fast-growing perishable food business.

In temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centers, vinyl strip doors can help maintain food quality by separating temperature zones and by helping to regulate humidity.

With Verilon Vinyl Strip Doors, compressor units are running less often resulting in lower fuel and maintenance costs. Strip doors serve as effective barriers for keeping out birds and flying insects. Another advantage is that the doors seal out dust, dirt, fumes, smoke and other possible food contaminants.

During transportation, vinyl strip doors aid in keeping a more constant trailer temperature when the doors are opened, either at delivery stops, or while a driver is waiting for loading or unloading. Verilon Vinyl Strip Doors are made up of a series of overlapping transparent flexible vinyl strips. The strips part only enough to let a person or lift truck pass through, then they fall back into place, ensuring a minimum loss of cooled air.

The doors are available with flat, smooth strips in standard temperature or low-temperature freezer formulas. Also, for maximum strength and a tighter thermal seal, Ribbed Verilon Strip Doors are available in standard and low-temperature formulas.

SOURCE: Verilon Products Co.