Arla Unika cheese krondillA premium line of artisanal cheeses by the Denmark-based dairy cooperative Arla Foods will be sold in high-end restaurants in New York City this autumn. The cheeses will be launched under Arla's Castello brand as Unika by Castello.

The Unika series of cheese was created in collaboration with some of Denmark’s most celebrated chefs, according to the company. Unika cheeses had been available only in Denmark's top restaurants and in retail stores in Denmarkand Sweden.

The four Unika by Castello cheeses that are now being launched in New York City are:

• Krondill (pictured): A dill-flavored cheese inspired by the Nordic tradition of pickling vegetables with dill in order to preserve them for winter. Arla's tasting note: Pure cheese taste and creamy texture with an aroma of freshly-mown hay and freshly-picked dill.
• Gnalling: A small, dry cheese that was discovered accidentally when a batch of cheese was forgotten and left to dry out. Tasting note: Hard texture, but melts on the tongue like good chocolate. Dry and crisp, yet mild and harmonic.
• Havgus: A unique yellow cheese inspired by the marshlands of southwest Denmark. Aged at least 35 weeks. Tasting note: Mild and pure taste, filled with small, crispy protein crystals.
• Høgelundgaard: Based on the traditional Danish blue, this cheese is made with yeast and stored without oxygen to be matured for 40 weeks. Tasting note: Delicate and well-balanced flavor of blue mold and sweet fruit.