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Palsgaard - 8600 Natural yogurtSet and stirred (Swiss-style) yogurts put different demands on emulsifier and stabilizer systems, requiring their own levels of creaminess, firmness and viscosity. With that in mind, Palsgaard A/S is pleased to announce the introduction of Palsgaard AcidMilk 316, a special stabilizer mixture developed especially for use in stirred yogurt products produced from fresh milk. The new stabilizer system creates a very smooth and creamy consistency in stirred yogurt products, as well as a firm texture. It prevents whey separation during distribution and storage. Moreover, it is the ideal choice for producing clean-label stirred yogurt.

Based exclusively on clean-label food ingredients (carefully selected vegetable fibers and natural starch), Palsgaard AcidMilk 316 stabilizer mixture keeps a firm structure and upholds a smooth and creamy consistency in stirred yogurt without the need for any E-number food additives. In addition, the clean-label stabilizer mixture contains none of the following allergens: wheat, crustacean shellfish, egg, fish, peanuts, soybeans, milk or tree nuts.

Palsgaard AcidMilk 316 stabilizer mixture is a new addition to the company’s growing line of emulsifier and stabilizer systems specially designed for set and stirred yogurt and labneh. It should be sprinkled into milk while stirring and prior to pasteurization, homogenization and fermentation. Dosage depends on the composition of the yogurt and the texture required. General recommendations include 0.6 to 1.0% for standard yogurt made with whole milk and 0.8 to 1.2% for low-fat yogurt made with skim milk. In addition, its shelf life is a minimum 24 months from date of production when stored cool and dry in unopened packaging.

Palsgaard AcidMilk 316 stabilizer mixture is Kosher- and Halal-certified.

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Palsgaard A/S, headquartered in Juelsminde, Denmark, is a specialist in manufacturing emulsifiers, stabilizers and other specialized ingredients for application in the bakery, dairy, chocolate, ice cream, margarine, and fine food sectors. With pilot plants within these areas, Palsgaard goes beyond simply supplying ingredients by offering comprehensive customer support, making the step between initial ideas and production as small as possible. The company manufactures its products to HACCP principles and is ISO 9001, ISO 22000/FSSC22000 certified. In addition, Palsgaard focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility and is a member of the RSPO, Sedex and UN Global Compact. For more information, visit

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