The California Milk Processor Board launched an English-language series of television ads that encourage consumers to drink milk before bedtime. The humorous ads will result in proper sleep and for positive, lasting dreams. CMPB also created Spanish-language ads with the same theme. (See Dairy Foods, April 2013.)

“Milk has protein rich in tryptophan that can help improve sleep quality,” says Steve James, executive director of the CMPB. “As work and home life become more and more hectic, this new campaign aims to have consumers take a pause and establish a nighttime routine with milk. It is the real, simple choice for restful sleep.”

The two 30-second television spots, titled “Goddess” and “Flight,” were produced by the San Francisco-based advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

Goddess opens with a dream sequence set in a swimming pool. A beautiful woman dressed in a white bathing suit appears and she beckons the dreamer to follow her into the pool. Just as the woman is about to surface from beneath the water, a tall, bald, man dressed in the woman’s bathing suit surfaces and says, “What? Don’t like interrupted dreams? There might just be a drink for that.”

Flight opens with a man running through a park and then he is flying over a park. Eventually he is overtaken by a gaggle of geese and he hears someone say “pssst.” A goose says to the man, “Hey, this dream could have gone on longer if you’d just had a certain drink before bed, but you didn’t, Sooo…” and the man falls towards the earth. Then the spot cuts to salsa music playing over a shot of a glass of milk in a moonlit kitchen.

Besides the television spots, CMPB is using digital bus shelters in San Francisco to make people yawn. At the end of the series of yawn images, a call to action invites viewers to call 855-MILK-ZZZ. Consumers can choose from a series of options to help them go to sleep, including the world’s most boring man reciting the number pi and soothing chants of a meditating monk. See the ads at