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China has seen a 30% compound growth rate annually on average since 2008 for dairy product imports. Imports surpassed 1 million tons (totaling 1.145 million tons) for the first time in 2012, reports BSNABC, a professional consulting company based in Beijing that focuses on China's agricultural markets, including dairy.

Owing to the drastic growth of imports, China will implement the new “Test, Quarantine and Supervision Methods for Import and Export of Dairy Products” beginning in May. There is a strengthened test, quarantine and supervision over the importation of dairy products, which are intended to improve the overall quality level of imported products.

First, there is clear stipulation that there shall be evaluation of the food safety management system and food safety status of the countries or regions that export dairy products to China. An experts team will be sent to the exporting country or region, when necessary.

If the risk situation is within the acceptance range after the evaluation and after clarification of relevant test and quarantine requirements, the dairy products found to be up to the requirement will be allowed to be exported to China.

Second, China's AQSIQ department implements a registration administration system among overseas food production enterprises that export dairy products to China. The registration is conducted according to the relevant rules established by AQSIQ.

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