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Edlong Dairy Flavors, a company with nearly a century of flavor expertise, has released two new functional dairy flavors that give global food manufacturers and marketers more options for creating great-tasting products. These flavors are especially useful in the better-for-you category when reducing fat and sugar.

“When people think of dairy flavors, they usually think of cheese, butter, milk and cream, and all the other categories that we excel in,” says Jennifer Lowry, vice president of sales & marketing. “Edlong also has an extensive line of functional flavors that provide masking and mouthfeel characteristics that make good-for-you foods taste great too.”

To add back the perception of fattiness in reduced-fat foods, the company created Natural & Artificial Mouthfeel Flavor #1412189. This spray-dried powder is water soluble, oil dispersible and non-dairy Kosher Pareve certified. It adds desired creamy, fatty, butter, cooked and rich notes. It is proven to perform in high-heat applications such as bakery, in addition to beverages, sauces, yogurt, cheese and sour cream analog products.

Natural Potentiator Flavor #1412073 adds a perception of sweetness to reduced sugar foods and beverages. This non-dairy, non-GMO liquid flavor is Kosher Pareve certified, Whole Foods compliant, and is an affordable choice for beverages, yogurts and sauces. Profile descriptors include creamy, dairy, green, milk, brown, sweet and caramel.

Edlong emphasizes integrity, quality, reliable service and strong personal relationships that ensure mutual success. For 24/7 access to documentation about these and other Edlong flavors, or to request a sample, visit Edlong DairyLink at

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Edlong Dairy Flavors, headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is a worldwide supplier with an exclusive focus on dairy flavors. Founded in 1914, the company develops and markets cheese, butter, milk & cream, cultured, sweet dairy and functional dairy flavors in a variety of forms and solubilities, backed by personal, responsive, reliable service. Edlong is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). For more information, visit

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