By Lechler Inc.

Lechler Spray Ball - Series 591 nozzleLechler Inc. has added a higher capacity spray ball to its full line of tank cleaning spray products. This new Series 591 nozzle comes in a wide range of spray outputs and coverages for when it is advantageous for your application to use a spray ball rather than a rotating nozzle.

The Series 591 is a slip-on nozzle that comes in various sizes from ¼ inch to 2 inch. Correspondingly, the output flow rates range from 4 gpm @ 40 psi up to 143 gpm. Coverages include 360 degrees, 180 degrees up, and 180 degrees down. The lowest capacity of this series can clean small vessels of around 30 inches in diameter while the larger sizes can clean tanks up to 12 feet in diameter. This nozzle is made of stainless steel grade 316Ti which has increased temperature strength and better corrosion resistance compared to grades 316 or 316L. This material is also FDA-compliant so it can be used in food grade applications.

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SOURCE: Lechler Inc.